Cover design by Donna Cheng

Cover design by Donna Cheng

“An unusual and strikingly beautiful piece of memory work.” ―John Jeremiah Sullivan, author of Pulphead

"Will & I is really something. It's quiet and yet so powerful, and I was moved to tears more than once. This book made my heart beat." —Jung Yun, author of Shelter

"A fascinating, if chilling, meditation on the aftermath of trauma... A remarkable conclusion to his long calvary."Publishers Weekly

"A dazzling, beautiful memoir... Byars writes a quiet, thoughtful book that unfolds in acutely perceptive detail."Boston Globe

"In frugal, lucid prose, Byars delivers a heartbreaking, heart-recalibrating story of human survival, one that when reviewing you wish you could quote it in its entirety."Zyzzyva

"A story from the fine edge where soul and body meet, Will & I explores our common vulnerability and the tiny decisions and accidents that bloom in our lives. Clay Byars writes with gentle wisdom, great kindness, and a deep respect for simple profundity of life." —Catherine Lacey, author of Nobody is Every Missing

"Will & I is proof that there is a sideways path to honesty–not the cliché of settled honesty or sentimental ‘truth’. . . Under the veil of direct telling, the book brilliantly enacts a complex construction–reconstruction–and ultimate surrender of a self to the vagaries of existence." —Brent Hendricks, author of A Long Day at the End of the World